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This is a very neat idea and could help with awareness. Keep working on it.

Game Feedback:

  • Put more effort into the art.
  • Make the items moving to make it harder.
  • Clean up the UI a bit.
  • Make the score a whole number.
  • Let the user aware of what is affect the score.

first thing first, The Dolphin Is Black (?) Like srsly look at it lol. Thats Just Probably Im Playing At The Lowest Settings, and Also Can u Make the *SHRIMP* and The *RED THINGY* more diffrent, I Find it Confusing To Tell Which Is My health Source and Which Is My Damage source. and Lastly, How About Adding A Rival? Like an Enemy Fish That's Gonna Slow Down Your Progress By Attacking You, and IDK Add A Mechanic To Fight Back?. K, Thats All I Can To Type On This Moment, Sorry For Trash Ideas (If There Any), And Sorry for Broken English. xoxo |-/